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September 3, 2009
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Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: nudity, sexual themes, strong language and ideologically sensitive material)
WARNING !!! This text contains Extreme adult material. You have been warned, if adult content offends you, READ NO FURTHER !!

All particpants are 18 or older.

Original line art and colors by :iconsean-loco-odonnell:

UltraViolet is property of :iconeludajae: and appears with her permission


Andrea Steele, formerly known as the heroine Freedom Star stood in front of the large mirror as her Mistress dressed her in the new costume. Holding her long blonde hair up and out of the way, she watched as Ultraviolet added the final piece of the ensemble. Ultraviolet smiled as her fingers closed the collar around Andrea’s neck. The two-inch wide strap of material fastened together in the back almost seamlessly; the unstable molecules the fabric was comprised of allowed the ends to fuse together on an atomic level. The front of the collar was decorated with a star-shaped emblem colored a bright metallic violet. As the villainess watched in the mirror, the former heroine started to lower her hands to let her blonde tresses fall.

“No, keep your hands up, and watch the collar, pet” commanded the villainess.

As both women looked on, the unique molecules of the outfit began to absorb the peculiar energy the ex-heroine’s body emitted at all times. The black fabric of the collar, G-string, and bra all began to shift color to a slightly glowing fuchsia. The various star emblems decorating the collar, belt, and straps all began to change from violet to a more pinkish hue.

“The higher your energy level, the more the colors will change and glow. Do you like it?” asked the purple haired woman. She leaned closer, kissing the nape of her newest acquisition’s neck as her hands trailed down Andrea’s body. Her slender fingers ran over her pet’s warm skin, tracing the curves of her full breasts barely restrained by the skimpy top the villain had provided. Her fingers continued on, down over the flat stomach and finally resting on the swell of her pet’s hips.

“Yes Mistress,” moaned the defeated heroine as her body shuddered with the pleasure of her Mistress’s touch. “It feels so good against my skin!”

“Yes, and it will feel even better the more you use your powers, little one,” replied Violet. The villain’s statement was not hyperbole. The inside surfaces of the top and g-string had been coated with a second layer of unstable molecules. Unlike those comprising the outer layer, these molecules were molded into a collection of ridges and protrusions inside the pieces of clothing. As they began to absorb the cosmic energy Freedom Star’s body was radiating, they began to squirm and vibrate. The voluptuous blonde moaned as thousands of tiny fingers began to massage her breasts and sex. Violet leaned forward to press her breasts into Andrea’s bare back and whispered “see how much I love you? I want you to feel all the pleasure that was denied to you before.” Grasping the straps of the g-string bottom, the villain pulled them tighter so the panel of the panties would dig into the blonde’s sex even more snugly.

Andrea closed her eyes and moaned. Her new costume did indeed feel so good. Concentrating, she raised her internal energy levels a bit and felt the sensation grow increasingly more pleasurable as the glow surrounding her got brighter.

“That’s it pet. You will shine like a star, but it will be a dark star. They called you Freedom, but gave you the opposite; told you to behave, to fight your nature, to pretend to be pure and good. I have given you real freedom, freedom to revel in the darkness inside you, freedom to satisfy your dark urges and desires. Freedom Star is dead! Tell me who you are now,” UltraViolet commanded.

Andrea looked in the mirror and admired her new costume. The small pieces of fabric did little to hide her body’s charms; and the colors proclaimed her allegiance to her new Mistress for all to see. A wicked smile curved her pouty lips as she said, “Dark Star, Mistress. My real name is Dark Star.” As she spoke, her blue eyes began to change tint and glow with a violet glow.

Violet smiled triumphantly. It was easy for her to feel how eagerly Andrea’s psyche had absorbed and accepted the changes the villain had created inside the former heroine’s mind. Using her hands, she turned Dark Star’s hips and rotated her pet until they were face to face. UltraViolet felt her bosom press against Dark Star’s ample breasts. She could feel the hard nubs of her new slave’s stimulated nipples trying to poke through the fabric covering them. Her hands shifted to cup the blonde woman’s ass cheeks and knead them as she pulled her closer possessively. “You belong to me, never forget that slave!” she whispered intensely as she kissed Dark Star with unbridled passion.

Dark Star felt her body grow even warmer as her lust for her Mistress grew from a fire into an inferno. She sucked on the villain’s tongue as it invaded her mouth, dueling with her own. Ultraviolet pushed her right leg between Dark Star’s thighs and smiled as she felt her pet obediently part her thighs to allow her Mistress access. The lust-drunk blonde moaned as she began to squirm, humping against Violet’s thigh like an animal in heat. The villainess could feel the heat of Dark Star’s sex through the fabric of her own costume. She continued to pillage her slave’s mouth with her kisses for several more minutes before finally stepping back.

Dark Star sounded a tiny moan of disappointment as she felt her Mistress step away. She wanted nothing more at that moment than to feel her Mistress’s lips against her, to savor the touch of her body against her own. With her eyes lowered respectfully, she dared to ask,”Mistress, may I … thank you… properly?” as she licked her lips hungrily.

UltraViolet smiled. “Do you think you have earned that privilege so soon, pet?” she teased the desperate woman.

;Please Mistress, I just wanted to show you how much I …”

“Shhh.. little pet,” Violet said softly as she pressed her finger against Star’s lips to stop her. “Since this is your birthday of sorts, I allow you the honor of doing as you wish. But this privilege is one that must be earned in the future, do you understand?”

“Oh yes Mistress, thank you, thank you so much!” she replied with tears of gratitude in her eyes. Dark Star began to step closer and reach out when Violet held up her palm.

“No slave, hands behind your back. Show me how skilled you are. Pretend I am your old cheerleading coach. How did she teach you to do this?”

Dark Star smiled as she realized what her Mistress wanted. Clasping her hands behind her back, her top stretched tightly over her full breasts, she leaned forward and caught the tab of the fastener for UltraViolet’s costume between her teeth. Pulling softly and smoothly, she slowly tugged the fastener down from her Mistress’s neck and between her breasts. Andrea’s head swam with lust and desire as the scent of Violet’s perfume filled her nose. The soft mounds of her Mistress’s breasts caressed her face as she began to kneel, pulling the fastener lower and lower. The tight fabric of the arch-villain’s costume began to curl back on its own as the fastener continued its downward travel. Violet reached up and pushed her costume off her shoulder to allow it to open further as Dark Star’s efforts continued.

On her knees, Dark Star’s head was now between her Mistress’s thighs as finished pulling the fastener all the way down. In front of her, UltraViolet’s most intimate treasure was revealed to her for the first time. The delicate folds swelling with anticipation, the barest hint of dewy moisture visible. The villainess’s pubic bush was carefully trimmed into a V shape above the opening to her sex, the purple hairs matching the color of the hair on her head. Dark Star gasped with hungry lust, licking her lips as she trembled with desire. She felt Violet tap her softly on her top of the head.

“That pussy isn’t going to eat itself, slave. Don’t keep your Mistress waiting,” Violet commanded. She moaned as Dark Star leaned forward and began to demonstrate what countless hours of practice in her youth had taught her. UltraViolet closed her eyes and savored the sensations as her new slave knelt in front of her, proving her devotion to her new mistress.
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kjj42 Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2013
You are a good writer.
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Very alluring
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Very sexy! I like this a lot.
Dendory Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2009   Digital Artist
Great story! The dark side is truly a marvelous place!
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Thank you very much, I am glad you enjoyed it! :)
Dendory Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2009   Digital Artist
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Et voila! Power perversion potential at it's finest! Excellent prose, madame. Works very well with the picture. Erotic, yet a good read for those looking deeper into story structure as well. A+, pal! ^^

I'm getting more and more curious to this whole Falling Star business...
Teri-Minx Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2009
Thank you sir! :thanks: Sean's great picture really inspired me.
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So, is it now officially canon that Freedom Star is now Dark Star?
Teri-Minx Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2009
Thank you, I am glad you enjoyed the text along with the picture. It feels good to finally contribute something to the party.

And yes, Freedom Star is now Dark Star.
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