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November 3, 2009
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Red Star Rising 02 by Teri-Minx Red Star Rising 02 by Teri-Minx
Continued from : [link]

This story takes place in the Angel Falls setting :iconangel-fallsda:

Original line art by :iconneobabylon:

Colors by :icondarcsyde001:

Text by :iconteri-minx:

Walkiria flew out of the concealed exit leading from the new base of operations. The tunnel exited behind what appeared to be an old billboard high on the side of a vacant furniture store. The billboard was actually a hard-light hologram. The hologram became insubstantial long enough for her to fly through it. Pulling into a high-G turn she climbed quickly to gain altitude. As she poured on the power, the heads-up-display built into her helmet’s visor lit up. A blinking arrow changed from red to green as she turned towards the east and headed towards the waterfront. As she flew over buildings ravaged by the recent tidal wave she kept her air speed subsonic until she had cleared the city limits. She hoped the O.D.I.N. super-computer was in top form. As soon as she went hypersonic, Walkiria would lose most of her maneuvering capability. The sentient super-computer was tasked with plotting a path that would allow the heroine to safely cross the ocean at incredible speed without threatening any airplanes.

With any luck Walkiria would reach the Soviet Superwoman before Olga endangered or injured any Russian citizens. Once that line was crossed, there might prove impossible for the Soviet Superwoman to be seen as anything other than a villain. The red-haired heroine found the thought of losing Olga’s company nearly unbearable. Since gaining her powers, Walkiria still had a difficult time relating to many of the more experienced heroines and heroes. Yet she found herself completely at ease around the Russian. Much of it had to do with their shared background of military and combat experience. But also Olga’s personality put her totally at ease.

Maia reflected on their backgrounds as she flew over the water picking up speed. While she was relatively new to her role as a super heroine, the Soviet Superwoman had fulfilled that role for years. But while Walkiria was new to her present occupation, her surroundings were familiar. She had an established frame of reference and connection to the world around her. Things were different for Olga. Since coming through the dimensional portal into this reality, the Russian heroine had found herself thrown into a new world with a different history and culture. Maia had heard her friend mention how everything was just familiar enough to remind her of what she had lost. The people and places held no emotional connection for her. It was as if everything was taunting the Russian with its strangeness. Maia knew this world’s Soviet Union was different from the one Olga had left behind. She gathered from Olga’s tales that her home country had stayed together as a communistic bloc instead of breaking up like the one from this world had. Maia knew that the former soviet bloc countries were still finding their identities. The resulting chaos seemed particularly distressing to the Russian heroine. Along with the new freedoms offered by the fledgling democracies and republics had come organized crime and political corruption that had been suppressed under the old regimes.

Maia had seen how much these illicit activities in her homeland had troubled the Soviet Superwoman. In their talks, Olga had railed against the Russian mafia and government weaknesses and failings. Maia had tried to tell her that the people would find their own ways to work out these problems over time, and flourish with the greater freedoms and opportunities. She didn’t know if her friend had been convinced by her arguments. With Olga’s most recent actions, Walkiria feared that her friend had indeed been brainwashed and manipulated by the villainess UltraViolet. If the villainess had somehow convinced Olga to be a pawn in her “Superhero Liberation” bullshit, there was no telling what Olga might do to return the Russian government to a more familiar version. Walkiria’s concerns were two-fold. First, if Olga committed some crime or atrocity that would brand her a criminal, Maia would be forced to hunt down her friend. Secondly, Walkiria knew there were undoubtedly members of the old regimes that would welcome a return to the old ways. The Soviet Superwoman’s actions could indeed be the spark that kindled the flames of another Russian revolution.

As a trio of sonic booms echoed across the water, Walkiria adjusted her course as indicated by the display inside her visor. She increased her speed to limit indicated by O.D.I.N.’s directions. The thought of losing her friend filled the heroine with a near panic. This crisis had forced Maia to admit the depths of her growing feelings for her friend. She had never felt an attraction for another woman like she was experiencing with Olga. It was confusing, exhilarating, and even more than a bit frightening for her. But one thing was certain, she didn’t want it to end any time soon.

To be continued …
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nice story you have going on cant wait to hear more
Lurker-Below Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2009
Very emotional scene there. I like. Kudos to the writer and artist. :D
Teri-Minx Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2009
Speaking for the writer, thank you very much.
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Maia has some cool tech on her side...

Let's just hope she and Olga don't end up as "star crossed" lovers...
Teri-Minx Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2009
Let's hope.
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Very interesting direction for these characters. Kind of scary... but very cool.
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Perhaps finally the world will see these so called heroines as the frauds they are!
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